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A. S. International established since 1993 as a manpower exporting organisation in Bangladesh. This company has gained wide range of experience in the field over more than a decade and a half and is now recognized as a leading organisation in this sector in the country.

A. S. International is proud of its contribution to the economic development of the country by providing overseas employment to the skilled and unskilled work force of Bangladesh and by earning valuable foreign currancy for the country.

It is fully armed with qualified, efficient, experienced and laborious persons as well as with all modern quipment to serve the principals according to their desure and demand failure in a word which is not found in the dictionary of A. S. international.We are always ready to serve our valuable clients with best of our ability.

It is earnestly hoped that wherever you have a demand and requirement for any kind of Manpower, you will kindly turn to 'A. S. International' to give us a chance to prove that we are true to our word and commitment.


Mohammed Anwar Hossain
Managing Director